Wooden Kitchen Countertops; Things You Should Know Before Buying


From the past until now, wooden kitchen tables have never subsided for fans. This is one of the best kitchen countertop materials, although other materials, such as granite, marble, or even ceramic, provide alternative choices.

The type of wood that is widely used as the raw material for this table is also usually the best wood, such as teak or the like which is famous for its strength. That is why, a wooden kitchen table, will always be the main choice in addition to other kitchen table models.

However, any product, including wooden kitchen tables, must have advantages and disadvantages. No product is perfect.

So, for those of you who are planning to replace the kitchen table, you should first know the following important things before deciding which one you will use is a wooden kitchen table. Pool table games advantages of Wooden Kitchen Tables

Know the characteristics of the goods you are going to buy. Especially know what the advantages are.

Here are 5 advantages of this type of wooden kitchen table.

1. The material is durable and strong

No one can deny the power of teak wood. This is what makes a kitchen table made of teak wood in great demand. In fact, this type of wood is known to be more durable and stronger over time. This is because teak is apparently resistant to termites and fungi. So, even if you’re in a humid, water-prone place, you don’t have to worry about your table getting weathered.

2. Wooden Kitchen Countertops Are Insulators

Wood is indeed an insulator. That is, this material is difficult to conduct heat. This is certainly very good, because if you are in the kitchen to cook for a long time, you will not feel hot with this wooden kitchen table.

3. Have an Attractive Appearance

Wood is very popular as a kitchen table material because it has an attractive appearance.
The wood can be golden brown. The fibers themselves are straight and very regular. This is what makes wooden countertops, especially teak wood, can be very visually appealing.

4. Various Shapes

The advantages of other wooden kitchen tables are various shapes and designs.
Basically, wood is very easy to shape. That is why, this will make it easier for craftsmen to form and make tables.

Currently, the table model not only comes in a round or square shape, but can also have a unique and aesthetic shape.

5. Easy to Adjust to Room

The obstacle that is often encountered when buying a kitchen table is determining the appropriate model and suitable for the kitchen area. Sometimes when viewed directly in the store, the kitchen table looks good and charming. However, when brought into the house, it can feel less “integrated” with the model or design of the kitchen space.

But don’t worry, you won’t experience this if you choose a table made of wood. Because, this type of table is very easy to blend with various kitchen interior design concepts.

Disadvantages of Wooden Kitchen Tables

As mentioned earlier, with its advantages, the kitchen table model with this material can also have disadvantages.

Here are 3 disadvantages of wooden kitchen tables that are important for you to know.

1. Price is Expensive

If you buy a wooden kitchen table, especially teak wood, get ready to be stunned by the price that will be offered to you.

The price of a table made of teak is very expensive, because it has good quality. You need to consider this aspect before deciding to have one.

2. The weight of the wooden kitchen table is relatively heavy

The original teak wood table has a fairly heavy weight. This is because this type of wood has a high density.

This heavy weight will be a problem when you have to transport and move it.

3. Requires Special Care

Wooden kitchen tables are known to be strong, but to maintain the quality of the surface and color, you need to take special care so that your kitchen table can still look beautiful from year to year.

Tips for Caring for Wooden Kitchen Countertops
After you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of wood slate, now is the time for you to know how to take care of it.

Do the following things so that this table can be durable, long lasting, and can still look attractive.

1. Put it in a dry place
Wood is a material that easily absorbs water. Therefore, it would be better if you put it in a dry place.

Even so, it is vulnerable to water, you can still work around this. One of them is by keeping your table at a distance from a water source such as a sink so that it is not exposed to excessive water.

2. Clean Periodically
Wooden kitchen tables can absorb liquids, especially if you cook regularly, the table surface will not escape from soy sauce or sauce.

To prevent the liquid stain from sticking and imprinting, you need to do regular cleaning.
Remember, cleaning this type of table also requires a special way. Use a special wood cleaning liquid to keep your table surface clean and not damaged.

3. Coat with Wood Shine
To maintain the color of the wooden worktop surface, you can periodically apply a special polishing liquid. This liquid is useful so that the color of the wood can be maintained.

4. Pay attention to how to move the table
If you want to move the location of the table, avoid moving it by sliding it. This is because it can damage the underside of the table.

For a wooden kitchen table, the best way to move it is by lifting it. Do this so that your valuable kitchen table can still be durable and long lasting.